School Closures for the School Year 2016 - 2017

School re-opening: Wednesday, 31st August 2016 at 9.00am

Mid-term: (1 week) Closed Monday, 31st October – Friday, 04th November 2016(inclusive)

Christmas: Closed Friday, 23rd December, 2016. (22nd of Dec final day of term)
Re-opening Monday, 9th January, 2017

Mid-term: (1 week) Closed Monday 20th – Friday, 24th February, 2016 (inclusive)

St Patrick’s Day: Closed Friday, 17th March, 2017

Easter: Closed Monday, 9th April (07th of April final day of term)(2 weeks)                       

Re-opening: Monday, 24th April, 2017

May Bank Holiday: Closed Monday, 1st May, 2017

June Bank Holiday:Closed Monday, 5th June, 2017      

Summer Holidays: Closing Thursday, 29th June, 2017


Contingency arrangements within the standardised school year have been agreed by all parties to deal with unforeseen school closures e.g. adverse weather conditions, and may include either or both of the following –

  • The Easter break may be reduced by up to three days by the school remaining open up to and including the Wednesday immediately preceding the Easter weekend. All schools must be closed on the Thursday and Friday immediately preceding the Easter weekend and remain closed for the remainder of the Easter break.

As the School Calendar could be subject to change, the school authority will provide adequate notice of same to pupils, parents and staff.


Please keep this document safely, it will be needed as a reference throughout the school year.