Administrative Principal: Ms. Linda Dennehy.

Deputy Principal: Mrs. Healy

7 Class Teachers

Special Education Department

Mrs. Wallace

Mrs. O Keeffe

Ms. Mc Loughlin

Mrs. Hooper

Mrs. O Neill

Mrs. Hawe

Ms. Murphy

Ms. O' Donovan

Ms. M. Ní Annragáin

Mrs. Morrisey

Lorraine Williamson

Margaret Cunningham

Edel Manton

Secretary: Catherine Brenock

Caretaker: Mr. Pat Walsh




The body Responsible for the running of the school is called the Board of Management. It is made up of 8 people. The Board of Management is appointed for a period of four years.

Structure of the board:

A Core Board consisting of:

• Two nominees of the patron

• Parents elected from parents of students attending the school

• Staff member elected by the school staff

• School principal, appointed ex officio

• Core board must then unanimously appoint two members from the wider community



Mission Statement


Scoil Iosagain, Mallow, Co. Cork.
Rolla no: 18883P

Scoil Iosagáin is a mixed infant Primary School enrolling pupils of junior and senior infant levels, i.e. the junior cycle for each primary school pupil.
Scoil Iosagáin is Christian in its inspiration and ethos, Catholic in structure and personnel, inspired by the Mercy Philosophy of education which is
committed to the holistic development and the achievement of the full potential of each child.

We see our school as a caring and happy community of pupils, staff, parents, management – who work together towards the common goal of preparing young people for living life to the full, as happy concerned and loving people useful members of society and committed Christians. Scoil Íosagáin strives to provide an ordered, happy and secure atmosphere where the self esteem of each staff member will be enhanced and developed with compassion and due regard for the staff member’s individuality. Teachers are encouraged to develop their personal and professional talents through which they glorify God and serve those young people in whose education they play such a significant role. We endeavour to foster an atmosphere of inclusiveness in our school that encourages respect for diversity of values, ability, religious traditions, and all cultures in today’s society.

We believe in the intrinsic value of a broad education which will aim at the religious, moral, intellectual, aesthetic, social and physical development of the pupil. We have strong commitment to teaching our pupils to be good citizens both in a local and global sense.

The school encourages all children to develop their individual talent, be it in the classroom, on the sports field, on stage, playing music or any other curricular or recreational area. We try to develop in the pupils habits of commitment, hard work and responsibility for their own learning. Our school team aims to help children develop good communication skills, appropriate ways of interacting and behaving, conflict and resolution skills. We also aim to foster positive self esteem in our pupils. Extra-curricular activities based on the arts including dance, music, sports provide opportunities for our pupils to develop physically, socially and emotionally.

We in Scoil Iosagáin believe in the unique dignity of each human person so we strive –

• To respect the dignity of each pupil with his/her background, tradition and beliefs
• To help them be aware of their own personal worth by being valued and respected for themselves
• To ensure that structures of discipline and responsibility are so planned and administered as to develop responsible freedom, self-control and mutual respect and tolerance.

We believe that in order to successfully care for our pupils close links must be established between school and home. Scoil Íosagáin encourages strongly the involvement of parents as partners in education in leading the young pupils to the fullness of their potential. We have a supportive parents association.

We try to nurture in our pupils a sense of pride in our Irish cultural heritage through music, literature, dance, sport and promotion of our Irish language.

We the school community of Scoil Iosagáin look forward with interest to the challenges of the future and aim to provide the very best possible education for all our children.

We place our future in the hands of God and will strive to ensure all in Scoil Iosagáin work to the best of their ability to uphold our motto ‘Aoibhinn beatha on scolaire’ – wonderful is the life of the pupil.

Reviewed by Board of Management of Scoil Iosagáin 14th November 2016