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In Scoil Íosagáin we aim to provide a wide range of learning experiences that help your child to acquire knowledge and skills and promote his / her development at every stage.

We cover all of the subjects on the national primary school curriculum including:

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Recent Activities

Active Team Partnership

Active Team Partnership

Summary of progress Scoil Íosagáin Infant School, Mallow
Action Team Partnership 2015-2016
During school year 2015-2016 Scoil Íosagáin the first Action Team partnership team was established in Scoil Íosagáin Infant School, Mallow, Co Cork this team involved three school teachers including School Principal, in partnership with 2 parents in partnership with three community members. These members are active members of the Men’s Sheds Group, Mallow Town. A group of children were invited to one meeting


Targets for action team partnership 2015-2016
1. To develop a numeracy rich school environment both on school corridor and in the school’s playground. To further supplement schools school improvement plan in Maths in the school setting
2. The creation of a maths booklet to be distributed to ll parents as partners in their child’s progress in developing maths learning in our pupils.
3. Literacy. Recruitment of Literacy Lift Off helpers ongoing. Note will be sent out to parents asking for volunteers. Volunteers list to parents in participating in Literacy Lift Off, Castle Walks, and preparation of school halla for events. This will facilitate parent’s involvement in school activities.
4. Climate of partnership. Information, support and resources for parents: Lots of information available which needs to be put on website.
Achievement of targets
1. Completion of numeracy rich school environment on school corridor. See photographs attached
2. Completion of numeracy rich school environment on school yard. See photographs attached
3. Volunteers list forwarded to parents with huge uptake in partaking in school events.
4. Creation of a space on website. Work in progress.
The above targets 1-3 were achieved with the excellent dedication and help of artists from the Men’s Shed Group, Mallow. The School corridor numeracy was completed by the parents of a child in Junior Infants. We sincerely thank these outstanding helpers for their work for Scoil Íosagáin.

Evaluation of action team partnership 2015-2016
The inclusion of community members has resulted in completion of the target 1-2 above without their help these targets would not have been achieved. Our pupils have benefitted from a maths rich environment both pleasing to the eye and further developing maths skills.
We look forward to further progression for 2016-2017.

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Harvest Assembly 2016


Harvest Assembly

Harvest Assembly in Scoil Íosagáin was a wonderful celebration of our wonderful harvest
Our school halla was bursting with autumn fruit delights, vegetables of all shapes and sizes for all pupils to view and enjoy. Harvest songs filled the air as parents listened on proudly to their young children entertaining all. The huge selection of pumpkins brought in by the pupils caused great excitement with very intricate designs created by our families. Some pumpkins even travelling all the way from Lithuania!

Proclamtion Day 2016

Proclamation Day

We celebrated Proclamation Day. It was a very big event in our school. The children, and the parents all wrote their own proclamations and read them out on the day. Fr. Mc Carthy read out the Irish Proclamation. We also raised the Irish flag that was given to us by the Army Officers earlier in the month. All the children got dressed up. We had Irish dancing and set dancing. The Castle Dancers gave the set dancing exhibition. Music was provided by the wonderful Johnny Bongo's. Click here to see more pictures.


Hop Skip Day


Skip Hop Day

Skip Hop Day was a huge success in Scoil Íosagáin recently. A member of the Skip Hop company came to each class and taught different skipping skills to all the children. Thanks to the hard working members of the Healthy Schools Committee, each child had a skipping rope made for them. Skipping is now being undertaken by all children at lunch time.

Active Playground

Active Playground

  • - Children’s safety and fun play is paramount
    • - Reduces accidents
    • - Increases children’s activity
    • - Prevents bullying
    • - Develops their gross motor skills 
    • - Skipping, traditional games, ball games encouraged.
    • - Division of junior and senior yard



Christmas at Scoil Íosagáin

There is great excitement in each classroom in the lead up to Christmas each year. The children are busy preparing for their Christmas concert, the sound of tin whistle is ringing Christmas Concertthrough the corridors, Christmas songs fill the air, we even had a special visitor this year!


Christmas Concert





Santa's Visit







Santa's Visit